It's about your stakeholders!

Your organization is situated in the middle of a dynamic operational environment with stakeholders who are either influencing or determining your business successes.

It’s therefore extremely vital to get and stay aligned with your key stakeholders. On a structured and structural basis. It is possible, it works and delivers value!

DialogueFirst is prepared to have a dialogue with you to demonstrate your ‘Return on Dialogue’.


It all starts with Dialogue!


Why stakeholder dialogue?

‘Return on Dialogue’

Is your organization really being known, trusted, respected and understood by your key stakeholders? Are you fully aware of what these stakeholders think about you? And what about the identification of opportunities, entering new markets, stepping in to new partnerships, minimizing legal risks, gaining support for your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, leveraging Integrated Reporting and effectively managing your reputation?

Structured stakeholder dialogues will bring profound insights for your business directions and deliver bottom line results!


Why DialogueFirst?

Frank and unbiased stakeholder feedback is a strategic asset! DialogueFirst acts as a neutral consultancy and is best equipped to collect such valuable input via tailored and distinguished face-to-face stakeholder dialogues. Either for profit or non-profit organizations.

Ronald Jager, founder of DialogueFirst, has relevant international experience establishing, orchestrating and conducting stakeholder dialogues, analyzing stakeholder feedback reporting back  results, recommendations and action points.

That’s what’s it all about…delivering your ‘return on dialogue’!